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COVID-19 put everything on hold, including vacation plans. In fact, since projections show that it could take months before a decrease in the spread is seen, most businesses are already taking a financial blow.

But when self-quarantine and restrictions do start to ease, how hotels rebuild tourism is yet to be seen. Since most people may still be reluctant to travel, the question remains as to what the hotel industry will look like.

Here’s what to expect from hotels post-pandemic.

Stricter Policies

When the coronavirus pandemic does end, things won’t be the same as before. There will still be travel restrictions in place, and travelers will need to know before departing what to expect.

These new restrictions will be enforced in an attempt to keep everyone healthy. Some policy changes people can expect to see is the requirement of wearing protective gear. I can tell you with certainty that we’re going to be wearing masks when convention centers and hotels reopen. This won’t just be for the people staying in the hotel; it’s for the staff as well. Events and hotel stays will feel different. 

They’re probably going to be taking temperatures and a number of other protective measures such as hand sanitizer stations. Before the pandemic, there were already places where a person could access hand sanitizer. These hand sanitizer dispensers are going to be doubled, possibly tripled.

It may be required to use it before anyone is allowed to enter the premises. Hotels have a responsibility to protect their customers from COVID-19 and prevent it from spreading any further.

Certification of Cleanliness

Since hotels will eventually have an increase in reservations, ensuring the area is clean is something hotels have to demonstrate. That’s where the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s (GBAC) STAR accreditation program comes into play. The program is designed to evaluate 20 different elements of a venue’s operating protocols and risk-assessment strategies. It will look at everything from their disinfection procedures to their emergency preparedness. So, for future reference, if a hotel doesn’t have a certificate of accreditation for being clean, travelers may want to look elsewhere.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and even travel. Booking a hotel and going on vacation will now take a little more due diligence on everyone’s behalf. And while it may take a bit of extra effort to find a room for that dream vacation, it’s not going to be impossible to do so. Take your time and really check out the places you’ll be staying and the venues and events you’ll be attending.