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Chicago locals and tourists alike can make use of the city’s opportunities for romance. It is a city of rich culture, unique experiences, and historic architecture; the combination is perfect for charming a special person. In every season, intriguing places in Chicago take precedence as the ideal spot to visit. Even temperamental weather cannot completely ruin a day, for while some plans may become rained out, there are still many things to do here.

Stroll Down the Pier
The quintessential landmark of Chicago’s Navy Pier bustles with entertainment and broad culinary options. The pier offers food tours for those wanting to experience diverse restaurants. Giordano’s offers the staple of Chicago deep-dish pizza. People can take dates to enjoy pier rides and games while making their way down a long list of attractions.

Picnic in the Park
Dress up the old tradition of bringing food to scenic locations with a selection of wine and gourmet appetizers in a luxurious basket. Lounge beside a significant other in one of the Windy City’s many parks with a spread of favorites and soak in the sunset as it colors the horizon behind Chicago’s iconic skyline. Humboldt Park and Promontory Point within Burnham Park both offer excellent opportunities for romantic picnics.

A Twist on Dinner and a Movie
Even if the hits from the box office do not appeal, the indie movie scene can be sampled at the Music Box Theatre. While it was a mainstream place for movies in 1929, modern days see the theatre attracting large crowds thanks to the uncommon movies it presents. Try Argentinian steak beforehand at Tango Sur. Another option is to visit AMC’s Dine-in Block 37. Buttery popcorn is not the sole fare there, but cuisine such as flatbread and sushi are brought right to the diner.

Winter Dates in Chicago
Snowy weather does not prevent romantic outings; it only provides more exciting opportunities. Most people have not visited the river domes that serve as wine igloos unless they have made reservations at the City Winery on the Riverwalk previously. Fireplace bars allow places to shelter from the elements, while the Chicago Curling Club offers a different sporting experience for those who want to get active.